Our services include everything from the conceptualization and design of your project to the delivery of the actual construction. Here is a list of some of these services.

Interior Project Design

When your project is in our hands, rest assure that we will devote all our experience to produce an outcome as if it was taken out of your imagination. We take our time to get to know you so that the interior design proposal suits you. Also, we combine colors and textures to create a harmonic combination that makes your space unique.

Special Furniture Design

If you have a particular need, we can design unique furniture for you. Our goal is to make the furniture functional as they are beautiful and integrated to the overall space. With these things in mind, the outcome is what you need to be delivered in the way you wanted.

Landscaping Design

We see your project as a whole. In that line of thoughts, our services for landscaping design make use of the surroundings. We take advantage of your privileged location, enhancing the natural beauty of the place. Our designs look for the improvement of the space so that the landscape gets ultimately integrated on it in a seamless way.

Special Installations

If your design has special installations such as arts and crystal lighting which creates a loving and an eclectic environment to live, we at Sthapati Projects can handle it. Also we do take care of building your furniture and any special finishing on your design. That way, all you have to do is to wait until the design comes to life.

Home Building

Based on clients’ requirement, we first design the layouts and prepare the 3D views before working on the projects. This is an advantage since we have a complete vision on how it should be designed & constructed. The risk of getting a different outcome get profoundly reduced by taking an integral project.

Meet our designers


Ar. Hirak Jakhotiya

(Principal Architect & Designer).


Pradeep Kumar Yadav

(Principal Designer).

List of our Services

Our professionalism and experience harmonize style and creativity; we provide:

On-site Consultations

Project Survey & Analysis

Space Planning & Design Layouts & Arrangement

Design Concepts

Finishes & Furnishings

Custom designs

Project Coordination & Management

Purchasing, Delivery, & Installation

Sthapati Projects have resulted in a successful clientele through all these years in different cities.


Our mission is to create the most beautiful Architectural and Interior Designs of the Space for our clients, with close care on all details.
We devote our company to pursue our client’s dreams. Every client has different & unique personality of their own and that is what give us the idea of the color palate & which material to be used to their project. We try our best to bring something new – marked by creativity and innovation – in every project thus every creation at Sthapati Projects is considered in the same manner. The whole idea is to let the owner of the project feel comfortable inside their space & to provide them the facilities suiting best to their needs, and our results speak for themselves with innovative and creative spaces that fit each of our client’s personality.


We seek to inspire the Science of Architecture and Designing with our projects. Our vision is to be seen as a reference in the Architecture & Designing Business so with time, some of our projects become what people call ‘Design Classics’
We strongly believe in performing excellence in designing and execution on our projects. By doing it, we want to become the trusted friend & the partner of our clients who let us be part of their lives. Whenever we take a new project, we work hard to take all the load off from the client & turns their dreams into reality.
The outcome of each project is a combination of the excellent and unique designing ideas and execution stages. We always prefer to combine the right set of skills to get it done as if every home was a palace, treating all projects like the Taj Mahal. Our focus is on creating eclectic designs, with an ambiance that is beyond the walls of a residence or a workplace.

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